Valley of Fire

Valley of Fire
Valley of Fire

Saturday, March 26, 2016



A few days ago I had an antenna installed on my house.  I am now able to view TV for free!  This does come with some limitations.  However, I can tell you that the picture quality is outstanding. The limitations are that you "only"  have 50 channels - for free.  Yes, you do have to buy the antenna and you need to install it.  I had a local company that specializes in that - Mr. Antenna- do mine.  But overall, I am impressed.  

I  also have a ROKU 3  and subscriptions to HULU and Sling TV.  That allows me to see a ton of shows including CNN live watch current series the next day.  The one channel I cannot get that I really like is MSNBC.  So there will be trade-offs.


My Cable bill for TV is over $120 a month. Like many people I have no choice as to what channels I get - they are all "IN THE BUNDLE!"  If I eliminate Direct TV and go with the antenna the ROKU 3 with all of its channels and my two subscriptions, the total monthly cost is $24.  So roughly I will save about $100 a month.  The antenna and installation was $264.  After three months I break even and I do not have to pay for all those channels I do not want.  

Is it right for you?  That is something you have to decide.  If you have questions, post them below and I will try to answer them.  But now I want to see which one of the many movies and shows that I can get for free will be on my viewing tonight!!   

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