Valley of Fire

Valley of Fire
Valley of Fire

Saturday, March 12, 2016


Many people are considering “cutting the cord” and ditching cable or satellite TV. I am one of them.  For me, the fact that I have to pay for a Gazillion channels – much of them advertisements, religious programming, or simple reruns of shows that aired 20 years ago, is aggravating. In truth, the consumer is not allowed any choice of what they pay for in the “Bundles” that supposedly save you money. Consider that my bill for TV is over $100 a month. Yet I mostly watch local channels and a one or two cable channels. I am paying for over 600 channels many of which are repeats, and most I do not watch. 

I am doing research and will share here it on the blog. Here is what I have found so far.
  • You can get a digital HD antenna installed for a one-time fee.  Those vary anywhere from 240 – 300. The Over The Air (OTA) signal is often as good or better than what you may get now through cable or satellite.  Most services will install and make sure you like the results before purchasing.
  • You can get an OTA DVR that can record programs. No reason to miss any of your programs!
  • You can stream most programs either live or after they have aired.  Some are free, and there are services just for streaming.  Not all programs are on every service so check to see if the one you want is available.  You can stream to your computer or your smart tv.  Lots of choices – and that is the point.

Stay tuned!! 

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