Valley of Fire

Valley of Fire
Valley of Fire

Tuesday, March 8, 2016


As you drive around the Las Vegas area, you can see a lot of new home tracks once again sprouting from the desert soil. The price range is as vast as the desert.  Some people do not know that taking an experienced REALTOR® with them is essential.  While all the tract agents I have dealt have been ethical and honest, the truth is the represent the builder.  A buyer without representation may not know what crucial questions to ask,  or what concessions the buyer may be able to receive.   Here are some things you may not know.

   Ø    Builders use their own contract. You need to read and understand what conditions are outli ned in the contract and how that affects the rights of the Buyer.  
   Ø  The models are upgraded.  Those upgrades come with a cost.
   Ø  Builders will want you to use their lender. You do not have to do that. But will they honor some of the incentives if you do not.   How do get around that?
   Ø  The appraisal done on a new home is based on the value of the track where it sits.  Often that means that the home may be underwater financial (worth less that what it sold for) for a few years.
   Ø  Having a REALTOR® represent you does not add any more to the price of the home. It allows you to have someone in your corner who can help.

Call or email me and I can find a new or resale home for you. I will earn your business!

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